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Cat Sitting

Cats are very territorial animals and being taken away from home can be very stressful.  I have lost count of the number of owners who have complained that their cats 'will not speak to them' after being put in a cattery for the holidays. This is why so many people choose The Pet People cat sitting service to look after their cats while they are away.  Surprisingly it can often be cheaper than putting you cat into a cattery!

 The Pet People's cat sitting service allows your cat to stay at home while you go away on holiday or business.

We can visit your cat at your home once or twice a day.  Our standard service includes feeding your cat, giving fresh water, cleaning litter trays and fussing and playing with your cat if that is what they like.  The cost is the same for one or two cats.

In addition to looking after your cat or cats we can also help around your house by opening/closing curtains, turning on/off lights, picking up post, watering plants and other small jobs around your house.  This will make your house look occupied and improve security and safety while you are away.

For a no-obligation meeting call Sam on 0118 940 1469 or 07501 444 956 or use this form to book your cat's holiday - Cat sitting booking form


Area covered: RG10 only


What our customers say

Charlie and Lola's mum:


Hi Sam,

I just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with Pat's care of our cats last week. She managed to make friends with Charlie, the shy cat, she had him sitting on her knee - which is unheard of!

We shouldn't be going away again for some time but will definitely ask you/Pat to cat sit when we do!


Izzy and Daisy's mum:

"I found Sam at the Pet People to be excellent with my animals, she not only fed them but also played with them and left the kitchen in a spotless condition. Sam also let me know how they were while I was away.

I feel confident in leaving my animals in Sams care and have recommended her service to friend's and family." 


Bagpuss's Dad:

"Sam looked after Bagpuss for 1 week, and we were exceptionally happy with the job she carried out. Bagpuss did not have to leave his home and go into a cattery and could lead his 'normal' cat life consisting of sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating.
As well as looking after Bagpuss Sam's service also meant that the house was not abandoned for a long period of time. We will definitely use Sam again when we go away in the future."